Lost a tuner and channel disappeared?

I have the original two tuner device (been using Tablo since nearly the start) and about 1-2 months ago one of the channels we watch on a regular basis (WGN-TV 9.1 Chicago) started showing a weak signal and broadcast would often cut out while watching. I’m about 31 miles from the broadcast antenna and nearly all Chicago broadcast signals come from the same building…Sears (Willis) tower. I’ve checked antennaweb.org, the FCC… everyone says I should be able to get WGN-TV (though yellow like all other Chicago channels). This use to be one of the strongest channels we’d get. I tried unplugging my antenna, rescanning the channels (getting nothing), plugging the antenna back in, and rescanning and now WGN-TV is completely gone (all other channels seem to be there).

On top of that at about the same time my wife and I noticed that we would often get the message about no tuners being available when only one was in use. It use to be that I could watch one channel and then swap to another (via Roku) without waiting many seconds for the channel to tune in because the second tuner was already on that other channel. I use to be able to go back and forth relatively quickly between the two channels. But now when I switch channels I have to wait. Its taking so long it is as if I have only one tuner.

Is it possible that one of the tuners is dead? How can I find out? Is it possible that this has something to do with WGN-TV disappearing?

One more thing: After the rescan of channels I did cancel so I still have WGN-TV as one of my stations and I can tune to it. I get the channel and can see it…sort of. It gets distorted quickly and eventually I will see the weak signal message. But it does come in to a slight degree.

I just took the cable for the antenna that was plugged into the Tablo device and plugged it into a tv. WGN-TV came in almost perfectly and has been for ~10 minutes. So it seems like something is off on the Tablo. Is there anything I can do to fix the problem? Would a newer Tablo device (perhaps the 4-tuner) be my only hope?

Have you tried setting recordings for two channels at once to see if tuner is gone? What did your TV’s signal meter say about channel, is it similar to others from same tower?

My tv doesn’t say anything about signal strength. It just made it available to tune to (very basic/old tv).

I was able to record two shows at the same time so…that throws out my theory that one of the tuners is dead. So now I am just confused why tuning between two different channels, when no other activity is happening, is all of a sudden much slower than it use to be

Mine is recent Tablo but using Roku, in the little guide one tuner is listed at the top (the one being watched) the other is at the bottom with back to this channel and left arrow. Look in your TV’s menu you may have meter.

If you send the details in your original post (plus the update including the results when using your TV) to our support team, we should be able to setup a remote session so that we can run some diagnostics on your unit for you.