Lost a network and suddenly have bad reception on live TV

Hi there…:slight_smile:

I just got my 4 turner DVR… I hooked it up to my antennae (I have a roof OTA antennae).

Now I am watching TV as I would normally, but I no longer get any of the channels from the ABC affiliate (yes, I am missing the NBA finals game), and reception on the CBS affiliate is choppy.

How do I fix this…? The Tablo is still downloading the first day guide, so I am not actually using it as far as I know…

How is the antenna connected to the Tablo? Directly? Or is there a splitter in line so you can feed other HDTVs?

Do you have an amplifier? Is it still functioning? A couple years ago my amplifier’s USB adapter broke, which caused my reception to drop. Simple fix for me. If you’re not using an amplifier…can you attach a TV directly into the same cable the tablo is using? Test out the signal making its way to the tablo.

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@Northstar There are some great questions here - let us know how this turns out. Feel free to give us a shout directly if you’d like to troubleshoot.

HI all…:slight_smile:

I wanted to take an opportunity to let you know how it was resolved (in case anyone in the future has this problem, hopefully this might help).

I have an outdoor antennae on the roof that you can rotate to a different direction (I live in Salem, Oregon… right in the middle of Portland and Eugene, and wanted to be able to turn the antennae toward either market).

When I was putting the coaxial cable from the Tablo DVR into the antennae box (I think amplifier) that is in the house, I must have accidentally pushed the rotation button so the antennae was not properly pointing toward NNE as it needed to be.

An email to the installers of the antennae told me to make sure it is pointed to NNE, and do a channel scan again.

I did that today with the help of my roommate, and it did in fact fix the problem. The Tablo is working (as is the TV), and the expected channels are now available. I then simply did the scan for the Tablo, added the channels to the guide, and everything seems to be working fine…:slight_smile:

As an aside… I have a Roku 2 (was waiting to buy the Roku 3), and it is working perfectly well for me…:slight_smile:

I hope this helps anyone that might face a similar problem…:slight_smile:


Glad to hear it.

Make sure to buy the new Roku 3 Model 4230 rather than the older Roku 3 Model 4200.

PS: Thank you theuser86, Eves, and TabloSupport for your help! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: