Loss of Signal Dual tuner

I have had my Dual tuner Tablo unit for 1 year and 4 months and it seems to have lost signal. Before everyone tells me to check my antenna, amp, coax all that has been checked and is working. I can take the coax off the back of my tv which is 2 feet any and try it on the tablo unit and no signal. I put it back on the TV bingo 70 % signal on all channels. It have worked OK up until 3 or 4 weeks ago. Nothing was changed or disturbed. Possible firmware issue?

Open a support ticket directly with Tablo support so they can check your logs. Maybe your tuner died?

Ok thanks I’ll do that

There have been many discussions about over tightening the coax cable on the Tablo unit which can break it internally. Could this be the case with this one?

It was never touched since installed 16 months ago but since it’s out of warranty I have no issues taking it apart. I have electronic experience

Does playback of already recorded content still work ok?

Some folks have had trouble with weak power supplies, but usually that affects the hard drive operation. Maybe check the adapter output voltage?

Ok thanks I’ll try that.

Of course that doesn’t test the adapter’s ability when under a load. If you do decide you need another power supply Tablo sells them for $12. Some folks buy an extra one just in case.

Ok I have a box of power supplies here which I’m sure I have a comparable one. Thanks!

@hs2511 Sorry you’re having troubles. Some good suggestions here already.

Curious to know what happens when you run a fresh channel scan?

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