Loss of channels after Channel Master distribution amp installation

I have a fairly basic setup. I have an Eaglestar 53-6165 on my roof and the coax runs down to my basement from the antenna. I had a basic 3 way splitter with a line going to two TV’s and the Tablo. My TV furthest away from the splitter could not get a couple of channels that the Tablo and TV closer to the splitter could get so I bought a CM-3414 to replace the splitter. If I hook things up exactly as they were on the splitter the TV upstairs went from 34 channels on a scan to 44 channels and I get the channel that I wanted up there. However, the Tablo went from the original 34 channels to only 10 channels after a rescan with the CM-3414 in place. If I go direct from the antenna to the Tablo I get 44 channels.

Why would there be a drastic drop in channels scanned after putting the Tablo behind the CM-3414? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Likely overdriving those other channels… May try splitting it off first, sending the un-amplified to the Tablo and then using the amp after that for the TVs or you can buy attenuators that take the signal down just before going into the Tablo.


Ah ok thank you. Very much appreciated. I will try the split first and look into attenuators.