Loss of Channels 11 (NBC) and 13 (CBS) in Baltimore


I have lost the local NBC (11) and CBS (13) affiliates due to potentially a frequency change for each despite previously receiving them. I added a pre-amplifier to attempt better reception as I was getting a “weak signal” indication on my Tablo quad running firmware 2.2.42. Removed the pre-amp from the connection and did a rescan whereby the channels no longer are detected despite previously being in the channel lineup. I saw in previous threads that there have been previous frequency changes for both stations which might have been fixed with a firmware update although 2.2.42 indicates that it is the latest. Are others experiencing the same issue and if so do folks know of a resolution? Thanks!

I changed antennas to pick up Channel 11 in VHF band but Channel 13 is still not present. Does anyone have ideas on why Channel 13 is not being detected? I saw previous threads related to the Tablo firmware not being able to properly transcode channel 13 but it appeared that was fixed. I am running the latest firmware so am at a loss (no pun intended). Thanks!

Picking up VHF-Hi can be tricky. Many antenna’s just have a basic dipole for it, with very low gain. Just what antenna are you using? According to Wikipedia, WJZ (virtual 13) moved to RF 11 back in 2020. WBAL (virtual 11) is on RF12.
According to the transmitter map, both transmit from near the Woodberry neighborhood, NNW of downtown Baltimore.