Losing signal off and on all stations

my channel search picked up 36 stations here in Wyoming Minnesota all full strength
while watching any station I lose signal off and on will got for a longer time on some stations but always
knocks off just started happening a couple of days ago antenna is new and good one out side
hooked to tv HDMI and run the tablo app on roku been just perfect since I got everything 6 months ago have no more things to check on the antenna or coax connectors all new at a loss here is there maybe something going south in the Tablo anyone else run into this ? any help would appreciate


You didn’t say anything about an amplifier. Or what a site like antennaweb.org says. Maybe if you indicate your zipcode someone from that area might have answers.

Signal strength doesn’t say anything about signal quality. It’s signal quality that is important

Make sure coax cables are in good shape as well as connectors. I think RG-11 coax cable will provide the best quality for HD over antenna. If I am wrong, I’m sure I will be corrected in comments.
I started losing my local CBS signal but all other stations were ok. I ended up replacing just the 3 ft cable from my wall plate to my Tablo and it fixed my CBS signal and got me about 60 more channels.

In general RG-11 is fine but always be skeptical when someone says an antenna or a cable is “HD” compatible, best for “HD”, or “digital”. The radio signals don’t care about any of that. What you want is a 75 ohm cable with the correct connectors for over the air TV. Things like extra shielding are good for longer cable runs. Just try not to get scammed with all those meaningless “marketing words”. There is no difference between the coax made before digital television and the coax made after.

All that said I agree this sounds like a connection issue or an amplifier issue. A break in the coax could cause the the issue. I would do my best to examine the coax and the connectors. I have heard one person say the antenna connection inside their Tablo got damaged but that’s unlikely to happen unless your Tablo was treated roughly.