Losing channels

Not sure this is a question but more of a concern. Or me just complaining. I am in Chicago area and I have been using my Tablo to record Medium on Start tv. We actually have two Start tv channels in the area but I have had a hard trouble picking it up on 2.2, so I have been using 48.2 instead. Channel 48.2 has been running for a while and worked great until a few days ago. Tablo was saying it couldn’t record it any more so I checked the channel and it seemed gone. Tried to rescan but nothing. I
checked some other antenna sites and they were saying that the their HDhomerun was saying that channel 48.2(and a few others) had changed from HD to avc. I had earlier talked to Tablo and they said it won’t work with avc. So I by-passed the tablo and went directly to my tv. The tv picked up channel 48.2 no problem. I think I am beginning to realize today that one day my poor tablo won’t pick anything up if they continue. Just needed to vent. Thanks for listening.

TV channels were shuffled around here in Austin, TX (RF channels), but the virtual channels stayed the same. By law, they have to continue broadcasting the channel on ATSC 1.0 for 5 years after the ATSC 3.0 starts. Theoretically, if your TV picks up the channel, a rescan on the Tablo should pick it up.

This isn’t always the case - there are situations where a channel is close to the digital cliff, and a TV (it doesn’t have an internal 4-way splitter) can pick it up, but the Tablo, which has a 4-way internal splitter (it is amplified) does not.

The tablo should pick it up, like you said, but it doesn’t. I think Tablo should make sure these work until channels go full 3.0. I don’t think their software should incorrectly assume all ATSC 1.0 are MPEG2

Doesn’t Start TV broadcast as 480i. Did that change? Is the station running out of RF capacity? Did the other channels also change to AVC?

Wouldn’t OTA AVC normally be used to broadcast 1080p? Isn’t AVC a higher profile of h.264.

And since network tablo expects to transcode to h.264 I could see it not convert h.264 to HLS h.264.

Maybe the HDMI model would work for you.

I not sure if the broadcast changed to something other than 480i and i have no clue if they are running out of capacity. I did send them an email asking them what exactly was going on. But I have not heard back. As far as I could tell, within this arranged channels, meaning CBS, Startv, etc. Startv was the only one that changed to avc. Which I would of thought CBS would of changed first.

Not sure if AVC is higher profile. But still ATSC 1.0 as far as I know.

I would prefer my network Tablo or something close instead of using a HDMI model. If that was the case I could just use my TV, since it is able to pick up these avc with no problem. But I am also looking to record it etc not just watch.

The stations Wiki page indicates what the broadcast resolution is. Whether it was updated or would have been to reflect AVC is unknown.

Most devices including tablo can display the channels broadcast resolution. For tablo it’s reflected on the channel list on the channel scan page.

there should be 3 other channels from that station.

What you read the information about OTA AVC you get the idea it was approved around 2009 so that broadcast resolution could be compressed using h.264 so that the RF bandwidth would allow for 1080p.

It seems rather late in the ATSC 1.0 game to change what would appear to be a 4801 resolution to AVC unless the station plans to pack a ton more ATSC channels onto that RF.

Maybe some form of using AVC to accommodate using the station as some form of ATSC 1.0 lighthouse.

The problem being is Tablo isn’t even seeing this channel at all. So it can’t tell me anything about Start Tv. The only reason I know it is still there and that it was changed because I found someone on line with a HDhomerun and it came up and said it just recently changed to AVC. That is when my tablo lost com with it. I tried to rescan many times but it didn’t even see it any more. And again, like I said before I by-passed my tablo and just connected to my tv and it picked it up. My point being is if my tv can see, you would think Tablo would be able to pick it up too. Just saying… If Tablo doesn’t want to fix this, there isn’t too much I can do about it. Besides waiting for a newer box or looking some where else.

There are three other station as you have said. 48.1=UTOOHD, 48.2=Startv(not listed on Tablo any more), 48.3=CBS. I get CBS and UTOOHD no issues on the Tablo. 48.2 won’t come in at all. But it does come in when I scan with my TV instead of Tablo.

Could be. Problem is I don’t know. I just wish that Tablo could fix the software to pick this channel up so I don’t have to fight my antenna to get the lower freq channels. This one comes in good.

Do you know the actual RF channel numbers? You are showing the virtual channel numbers (which the Tablo displays - it doesn’t display the RF channel numbers). Several stations in my area have moved…

For example:
RF 31 - used to be 14.1, 14.2, 14.3, 14.4
14.1 is now on RF 23 (shared with 54.1, 54.2, 54.3, 54.4),
14.2 is now on RF 21 (shared with 36.1, 36.2, 36.3),
14.2 and 14.3 are on on RF 34 (shared with 42.1, 42.2)

RF 31 is now broadcasting ATSC 3.0 of 42.1, 54.1, 14.1 and 36.1.

They may have relocated the channel to an RF channel that doesn’t come in well for you.

If the channels changed then I probably wouldn’t know the real number unless these are it. 48.2 being the one that Tablo wont pick up.

On line it shows them as this.

Call Sign, Aff, Vir, DTV, Band, True heading, distance.

The U Independent 48.1 32 UHF 72.65° 37.59 mi
START Start TV 48.2 32 UHF 72.65° 37.59 mi
CBS2-HD cbsCBS 48.3 32 UHF 72.65° 37.59 m

Normally if one of these channels are out, they are all out. Since they seem to be coming from the same place. Only one of them disappears on the Tablo. If I by-pass the Tablo the Start TV channel shows up again on my tv tuner only. So, I guess I am not prepared to say its the reception.

If you go to rabbitears for Chicago isn’t it:

48-1 18.3 UToo HD Independent “The U”
48-2 18.4 START Start TV
48-3 18.5 CBS2-HD CBS “CBS 2” (WBBM-TV 02-1)
48-4 18.6 DECADES Decades


Ironically my friends HDhomerun listings shows decades as AVC as well. You can probably guess my Tablo doesn’t show this channel either. But the other two it does. (Pic included) Shouldn’t they all show up?

This is from my Tablo.