Loose Parts Inside Tablo

Just received my Tablo 4-Tuner that I ordered from Amazon. Upon taking it out of the box I heard some rattling and couldn’t believe a new unit would have loose parts inside. Having worked electronics for 26 years in the Air Force I decided to open it up and see what was going on. I discovered what appear to be two heat/RF shields loose inside the case. I couldn’t determine where they were supposed to be located and saw no obvious mounting points. I decided to remove them and hook up the unit and see what happens. Well, everything seems to be working OK. System has been running for about 4-5 hours with some slight lags that I think are probably caused by my old router… a Belkin N600.
So my question is what should I do? Leave things as they are or attempt to return the unit? Now that things are all hooked up and apparently running OK I hesitate to take it down. I also plan on purchasing a new router in the near future…
TIA for any input in this matter…


Hey mate, that’s same old router that I had. It was a good piece of kit in its day but it is not good enough for handling the Tablo video. You should update that.

Return it to Amazon and get another one. Or if you don’t want any down time, order a new one and then return the old one when it arrives. I wouldn’t waste time trying to figure out were those heat shields go.

Good idea… hadn’t thought of that, but need to get the bucks together…

@Bob_Norway Definitely touch base with our support team. There shouldn’t be any loose parts in your new Tablo. We’d be happy to set you up with a replacement.

Thank you… opened a ticket with the support team… awaiting response… FWIW unit is still operating OK w/o those pieces in it, but it is early days… :slight_smile:


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