Looks like something besides S8

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My daughter has the S8 Note… no problems yet.

A friend at work also HAD the S8 Note, but it locked up on him so frequently that he got rid of it and got a (gulp) iPhone.

You know, I’ve had my HTC One m8 for years, and I love it. My friend has been through about 3-4 Samsungs in the same amount of time (with disgust).

Perhaps, we should stop giving Samsung a “free pass” just because it says “Samsung”?

I have T-Mobile so I don’t what an iPhone because it doesn’t work with Tablo viewing. With T-Mobile gaining 600 Mhz spectrum, a phone that supports it will be required, but does not need to be Samsung.

Hmmm. Just my experience, but… two family members have been using S5s for 3 years without any problems nor breakage and they’re still happy with them. I used an S5 for 2 years, then got an S8 when it came out as an update (the S5 was still functioning). I had no problems with the S5 and I’ve had no problems with the S8. We do use our phones in cases; I can’t bring myself to leave such an expensive bit of kit that goes everywhere with me without some impact protection. I love my S8 and I love wireless charging it on my nightstand and in my car, which has a built-in charger on the console.