Looks like my ethernet died

4-tuner Tablo… has been working fine, nothing in my setup has changed. Went to connect to it the other day and the app can’t find it… go downstairs to the network closet and tried power cycling it, reset … nothing works. The LED is solid blue, but I noticed on my router (Nighthawk X8) the led for the port where the Tablo plugs in never lights up… Tried switching ports and switching cables… no luck.

Doesn’t matter which device or app I use, none of them can find it on my network.

Are the LED lights on the back of the Tablo at the Ethernet port light up when a cable is plugged into it?

I have had my network go out on another Tablo unit as well sadly. There is no repair and out of warranty… :frowning:

So are you using WiFi only now?

Nope. Had to buy a new unit. Wifi coverage is not consistent in my home. I must be cabled to have a good experience.