Looking to cool my Tablo... any recommendations?

So, I’ve been reading the forums and some people look like they’ve purchased laptop lap fans or small fans to blow air on their Tablo units. I’ve noticed that mine is starting to get hot, so I’d like to purchase a fan to help with that small issue. I have some pretty cool cooling for all my network infrastructure but wanted to get some ideas from you guys.

I’m think of this so far for going under the unit… Cooler-Master-NotePal-Ultra-Slim

I’d actually would like to get a small fan that will blow air that I can control with all my home automation… where I can set schedules to blow air for an hour, take a break for 2 hours, then kick back on, either a 6 inch or 1 ft height fan. Something like this: O2COOL-5-Inch-Portable-Fan-Gray

Any suggestions?

On a side note… web dev’s or mods… can we get some custom code on external links to open in new windows?

UPDATE: Scroll down to see the build that I put together to cool the unit down.

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The fans you have links to don’t seem like they are a good physical fit for the Tablo. I like this one because it just the right size for the Tablo to sit on -

I have had excellent results by passively cooling both my 2 Tuner Tablo and 4 Tuner Tablo by setting them on a cooling shelf, which allows the Tablo to breath and passively cool, and there is no electricity required. Based on the feedback, other buyers are having good results too!


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I just turn my vertical to increase the air contact surface area so it cools better passively. Running fine for 2.5 years (knock on wood).

I turned mine vertical also and it seems to be OK for the last few months.

ALRIGHT!! I got my system figured out and used some home automation to get the project going the way I wanted it to. So, here’s my idea that I came up to raise the device off the ground and to cool the unit including the hard drive. Here’s what I did…

Now, for the best part, the fan in the background is hooked up to my home automation. I have programming setup to turn on the fan and stay on for 30 minutes. At 30 minutes and testing, the unit becomes really cool. I then setup more programming to auto shutoff the fan after 30 mins then counts down to 1 hour and 30 minutes, and turns the fan back on.

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I also put bumpers under my Tablo. And to ensure air flow, the funny thing is I even drilled holes in the table under the Tablo. The table is an old small portable picnic table I had.

Ice pack?

JerryG said: Ice pack?

Tried that… I couldn’t control it with my home automation.