Looking for wall mount ideas

I have the Tablo Dual OTA DVR. I’d like to mount it to the wall in my network closet, right next to my switch. I was hoping to find a simple plastic bracket that I could screw into the wall and then snap my Tablo into it, but I can’t find that product anywhere. So, does anyone have any ideas for how you’ve mounted yours? Any pictures to share?

I would worry about airflow. How warm does the closet get? Maybe some sort of vented wall mounted shelf?

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Yep, I agree with your concerns. This is why I was hoping that Tablo would make such a mount. For what it’s worth, I use Ooma for my home phone service, and I bought this mount for their device. Not only does it hold the device securely on the wall, but it insures that there is proper air flow all around it. This is my ideal solution for my Tablo device. But if it’s not available, I’m hoping to steal ideas from what others may have come up with.

How about something like this?


Or you could make a holder using several wire/cable ties.

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most users just sit down. You’ll likely have to completely customize some setup if a small shelf isn’t acceptable. I do know there are several user here with “wire closets” network/server/telco/cable what ever name works. Since it’s important, you’ll get to engineer what fits your needs. Good luck!!


I saw a YouTube video from a guy who did this, so I did the same, using scraps from my garage. I figured I’d share in case anyone else wants to know.

I cut a 1" x 1" piece of wood into three small sections and mounted them onto the wall in just the right position so my Tablo DVR and external hard drive fit snuggly. Then I added a couple of pieces of hardware to make sure they don’t fall out. This picture is kind of crooked but you get the idea. It’s been up for about a week now and it’s working well.

Great! Maybe it’s it just the pic. If I could suggest you consider

depending how stiff your cabling is. It looks like there may be some strain, maybe just the pic. There are rare reports where the connector comes loose from the internal board, generally thought to be from over tightening, but a heavy cable pulling down in an unconventional setup might add unneeded stress.

Now we know how to “wall mount” a tablo. :slight_smile:

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