Looking for feedback: NetGear Router question

I have been with Tablo for about half a year…I cut the cord in the early summer and have a four tuner Tablo. A few nights I have four shows recording so glad I got what I got.

Internet has been “wonky” (to use someones favorite tag line) since setting up my old router but I am not 100% sure it is the router or my provider. That being said, with Christmas coming, the one thing that I think I want is a new router (or cash towards). 

I have a NETGEAR WNDR3700 and have updated it. I like the NetGear product and am leaning towards the best of the bunch…a Night Hawk R8000.

I am asking for those that have the Night Hawk (any of them) for pros and cons. Reset issues? etc. Especially in using your TABLO.

While I have my Tablo set up with a hard wire the use of my old homes electrical system isn’t ideal so I would love to toss Tablo on wirless.

Thanks for the future feedback. 


I have the Nighthawk R7000.  The good is that I get a strong signal all throughout my 2 story home, and I have my downstairs PC set up with a Netgear A600 USB network stick.  All my wireless devices have no problem streaming the Tablo at 1080P.  

Tablo Connect works easily with it, though I highly recommend setting a static IP address for the Tablo.  Otherwise the UPnP will have a bunch of unnecessary ports mapped for the Tablo each time the router is rebooted.

The only negative I have is a strange bug where my iPad 2 will occasionally not see the Tablo anymore.  The iPad will still connect to the internet fine, and all my other devices will see the Tablo fine as well. The only fix is to reboot the router.  This has happened for other Netgear AC routers on this forum.

Overall, I really like the Nighthawk’s range and speed, and maybe the R8000 has fixed the above issue.  If not, it isn’t that big a deal to reboot.

Tahnks snowcat… I appreciate it.

For the price of that router I would expect next to no problems. I use a TP-Link 841N and I am able to stream 1080p content wirelessly. The Tablo is hard wired of course.