Looking for Best Prices

First Things First. Merry Christmas All. All the best to you and yours!!!

PLease post the best price on a Nvidia Shield that you see. Preferably Canada. US OK if the exchange fits.


Have a great Day.

Have you heard of Red Flag Deals? That might do you better.

Thanks for the tip.

Best price so far 209,99 includes the game controller. Resell the controller for $30 and it is a good deal.

Just ordered it on last day of the sale.

Hope you saw this

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Nope… And the price is up again to $229.

On sale right now for $169, Gaming Edition with GForce Now, or $149 without the Controler…

That is Amazon.com so USD, we are talking CAD in this thread

OP said CA preferred but US OK (depending on exchange rate).

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Thanks you all for the input. The deed is done. Bought a setup with game controller. 209.99 CAN $, 153.95 US$. Good enough for me.

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