Looking for a ROKU Channel to watch the East Coast Storm?

Looking for a ROKU Channel to View live the East Coast Storm ?

Couldn’t find one ?


Search for News in the Streaming Channels Roku app store. Fox News, NBC News, CBS News, and ABC News all have apps. Their is also Local News Nationwide app that you can choose local stations by State and location. If you enable the News Feed in Roku, you can also access news there.

Weather channels would probably have some good coverage too. I seriously doubt there is a channel dedicated to just the hurricane.

I like Weather4us, they have a dedicated tab for Matthew.

Didn’t see any Weather Channels with live video?

Depending where you are on the east coast, you could look out the window.

(apologize for the dark humor… I used to live near Houston … Texas hurricane alley)

Praying for those in the path of Matthew.


No, I’m in Pittsburgh, have relatives in Florida


If you’re in the path of the storm, stay safe!


Thanks … I’ll take a look.


Newson and choose location you want.