Looking ahead to smart TV purchase

Does the Tablo App work better on some TV OS than others?

I have an LG WebOS TV and although the Tablo app works pretty well on it there are some features missing such as commercial skip and the ability to sort Recordings by most recent.

Also be aware that if you are in Canada the Tablo app is NOT available for Samsung TVs. A friend of mine got bitten by that one.

Our suggestions & things to consider: Tablo Apps & Compatible Devices | Over The Air (OTA) DVR | Tablo

Yeah I saw the news about Samsung. So far it looks like my best bet is to find a TV with Android.

Or just grab a Chromecast with Google TV for ~$50. It runs the Android TV app and is the latest UI.

I want to be able to use a wire. Not a fan of WiFi for streaming. That said this is in the future for another home. That has not been bought yet. I am currently using an Apple TV as main viewing device. It has issues I have posted about elsewhere here.

Understood, you can actually “hardwire” the Chromecast with Google TV, you just have to buy the power adapter that integrates it…

Ethernet Adapter for Chromecast with Google TV - Google Store

And I hear you, I cable everything I can, but after several months using not one, but two of them (switched both TVs to one for consistency), the performance, particularly with 4K content, has actually not passed the tipping point for us where it’s worth paying $20 to move it to Ethernet.

All depends on factors I do not know at this time.

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