Long Live DOS (not MS)

The FreeDOS Project will turn 25 years old on June 29, 2019. This is a huge milestone for any open source software project, and especially for an open source DOS project.
source: http://www.freedos.org/press-kit/

Admiringly I have have no idea last time I used a DOS based system. Still I do believe it’s commendable a free and open project still lives on. Even more, the command line lives! Yes, I’m surprised it’s still relevant and has much purpose.

Any DOS programs favorites you recall or miss at times? I do like the some of the basic word processor (advanced text editor). I do NOT miss the line editor!

I don’t want to give up my mouse, but there are times I get things down quicker with just the keyboard. Modern users don’t understand navigation like tab to move through fields (that’s what I learned they were), CTRL -> to move word by word, much less holding the shift to select text. (I tap keys and people wonder what I just did… only took 3 seconds)

Even after MS put an end to to MS-DOS… how often you come across the phrase “go into DOS” in support areas? The window generation forgot DOS was a 16bit OS, not console session. :laughing:

FreeDOS - 25 years and hasn’t reached it’s End of Life Support!