Long delay on start of application more than a minute


When I start tablo on my fire tv (4k) it sometimes takes very long and all I see for at least a minute is the turning waiting circle.

I have a tablo 4 tuner version with a 2GB usb hard drive.

It almost looks like it is getting worse.

Is there any maintenance I can to do on my side?


You might want to have more than 2GB of hard drive you might be running out of hard drive space and if your not using tablo app try it works better for fire tv.


Did you mean 2 TB drive?


I’d agree that if you are indeed using a 2GB drive that’s probably part of the issue. Especially if it’s a USB stick/key as those are unsupported.

I’d also suggest using the Tablo PREVIEW app as it doesn’t need to sync with your Tablo before launching.


Yes you are right sorry it is a 2TB drive --> that was a typo and yes I use the tablo preview app.


No reply from tablo? After I cleared the typo and what app I use.

I ended up rebooting the device and the delay disappeared. Could tablo not have some programing in the code to see when the device is slowing down and activate a reboot when it is required, or what is more important to know. What could a reboot have fixed? Is there a maintenance task that should be scheduled on a regular bases ? Would it be possible to send a reboot command from the app?