Location change/ doesn't like Iphone hotspot for wifi?

I purchased this to use in our trailer, as we motor across the US. Unfortunately, the first time I tried to use it, it would not change the location, it would not save a re-scan, and kept my first location, and the old channels. How do I get it to change locations? I tried to change the zipcode, but it says, “an unknown error occurred.” If I can not change my location, which should be a simple thing to do, it is useless to me. Help!

Since tablo sells a number of different models, what is the “this” that you purchased?

Model is Tablo Dual HDMI TDNS-HDMI-2B-01-CN.

You should be able to perform a re-scan without changing the zip code. Try that first next time. This is on a network connected DVR, I don’t have a TV connected DVR such as the HDMI models.

Hi @TKDSailor - Sorry you were having a rough time.

In order to set a new location you’ll need to make sure you do have internet connectivity when using your phone as a hotspot.

Were you able to access other things using your phone at that time?

Did you connect the Tablo to your phone’s network before attempting to set a new location?

And were you using LTE or the campground’s WiFi network?

I used my phone as a hotspot- probably on LTE, but not sure. It SAID that it was connected, but I read somewhere that I need 2.4 MhZ wifi on this model. I’m now trying it at my cottage, and it did change the zip code to the correct one (using 2.4Mhz wifi), and it did rescan, and found the correct 19 channels, but it says that the channel lineup is 51 channels, which was in our house in FL. The guide download seems to never happen- says on 0 complete. I’ll see if I can wait an hour or so to update the guide. I have the Amazon Fire Recast, and it had it’s bugs, too. I also have an old Magnavox HDD that’s about 10 years old that works the nuts. Always records, and will burn the recordings to disc if I want, just not in HD, and there’s no guide. Still waiting for it to populate the guide… If I knew that it would not work via my Iphone, I never would have bought it; I’ll need to find WiFi wherever our travels take us, and go through hell to get this thing to work. Very disappointed.

I have a wired dual64 with 25 channels. If I turn it off for over the 2-week guide schedule and turn it on the full 25 channel update takes 30 minutes.

It has to purge the total guide entries and add the new entries. And since I’m sure the current implementation is designed around an incremental add of new entries who knows how long purging 51 channels will take.

@TKDSailor Hrm. We weren’t able to reproduce the issue you were seeing. We were able to do a full guide update using a hotspot.

Would you be willing to connect with the support team so we can review the logs on your unit and see why you haven’t been successful?

If so, place a ticket with support referencing this thread:

Is Tablo tech team changing “Mobile Hotspots Are Not Recommended*” - Tablo FAQs: Do I Need Internet to Use a Tablo OTA DVR? | Over The Air (OTA) DVR | Tablo

If you don’t have internet access, or use cellular data and mobile hotspots, Tablo is not recommended for you.

recommendation? Tablo test it works, so users with this setup can now officially enjoy tablo?

@djk44883 Further down in that same post:

If you are stuck with spotty rural internet or cellular data, and are happy to limit viewing of Over-the-Air TV to your main television, consider choosing a TV-connected Tablo DVR. These types of DVRs can offer basic functionality on your main television for up to two weeks without internet access as long as you have a TV Guide Data Service subscription.

…actually that was the previous paragraph. Nevertheless - boldly states hotspost not recommended …if it’s what you use, might not be for you [slightly paraphrased]

Now we’re reading TabloTv has been doing testing with hotspots - they say it does/can work (maybe for limited function) with TV connected tablos?!?

Asking about use of hotspots with tablo - TV connected or otherwise.

Concerning the use of mobile hotspots, I started out a few months ago with my new TabloTV DUAL HDMI using my DSL router as the Internet connection. Problems arose with an inconsistent DSL connection to the Internet, so I switched to the mobile hotspot on my iPhone. For the first month or so, that worked well, but then that method began not connecting at all (though I could still connect to the Internet via the hotspot with my computer). Finally discovered that having my iPhone’s Cellular…Cellular Data Options…Data Roaming turned ON (in addition to turning Celluar Data OFF for the Tablo app on my iPhone) made an consistent Internet connection for my Tablo. Guide would update every day.

ETA: Found that Tablo will not initiate the first connection to a mobile hotspot. The mobile hotspot must already be connected to some other device before Tablo will make a connection.