Locally hosted web interface

As far as I can tell, the tablo (web interface) and according to a support question from March 2016, there is no proper web interface for managing the tablo device on your local network. You have to go to my.tablotv.com in order to get the web interface.

I understand there are probably reasons for this (like accessing the guide) but it also causes issues when our internet connections are down or being particularly slow (like most evenings).

Would it really be too much trouble to put a simplified interface on the tablo appliance itself?

I can see it being a slimmed down version that lacks the program guide and include a prominent pointer to the full UI. But it would be extremely useful (for at least some of us) if we could:

  • see our list of saved recordings
  • schedule recordings (with the set-your-time-and-channel setup)
  • access the settings menu on the tablo device itself
  • tell the system to reboot

There are likely more reasons, like fuller control/upgrade of the Web UI, authentication, etc.

With that said, there might be some 3rd party tools coming that might do some of the things you are requesting.

Authentication? What authentication? I still haven’t set-up an account linked to my Tablo and I’ve recorded several shows and movies as well as watched live.

As for upgrades to the Web UI, they upgrade the firmware periodically, no reason that can’t include whatever UI the host locally.

Good to hear. I am gradually making my own anyway but something else would be fine for me too.

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