Local Weather on Home Page

Would be a nice little TID bit (nothing extensive) on the home page. When you load up the tablo app, the local weather is displayed.

In the corner somewhere.


Based on location? Or zip code?

Trying to figure out how/where the Tablo would pull the information from, since those two can vary quite a bit.

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I just look out the window. It’s sunny - very few clouds in the sky. Almost no wind.


Based of zip code… somewhere on the home splash screen.

I know from my zip, the national weather station is about 10 miles away from me. Which can be fairly close in weather. Also, the next major city, with the local channels, weather is way different.

Either one would be nice.

I would think users want less connection to the internet - not more. There is a difference between the local weather and the weather forecast. Most phones, tablets, and PC’s already come with a weather widget. And lots of users actually have access and use alexa, siri, and google nest.

So is this a real problem that needs R&D money.