Loading issues with the app/guide/program info is killing Tablo

I’ve only owned a Tablo for about a month or so but it seems more and more I can’t load the app or guide or program info due to Tablo service issues. It simply does not load or program into just sits there spinning endlessly. So stupid I can not just select & watch a channel without it being able to contact Tablo servers or whatever… this $99 experiment is turning into a failure pretty quickly…

But they are 14 weeks into normal people testing of the new appletv app. What more could the non-appletv users want.

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Yeah it’s been really bad for me too. Super sluggish.

Is your Tablo hardwired or wirelessly connected?

If it’s wirelessly connected… download inSSIDer on your laptop. Walk around your home even where the Tablo is at and confirm you got good wireless signal. anything below -70 on the 2.4 and 5ghz is a bad thing. That’s considered low signal.

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Slow many times yesterday and today, and often reverts to the screen with the QR code, telling me to sign up a new tablo. :roll_eyes:

I had the same problem, so I decided to pop open the mobile app. As soon as I opened it, I got the “finding location” or whatever screen, which very quickly switched to “finalizing setup” … about 3 minutes later everything worked just fine. IDK why this happened, but it was extremely frustrating.

But overall, yes, things were extremely slow on the Tablo throughout the weekend. Quite often when the guide did load, I got about halfway through the OTA channels and started the “Failed to Load - Retry” BS circle all over again.

I tore apart my entire network and rebooted/powered off the Tablos in an attempt to resolve the issue, but nothing seemed to help. I have to wonder if there was a slight server issue this weekend, but not major enough to cause other disruptions…

It got goofier on the evening of Memorial Day as if a gremlin was at the tablo controls and changing settings from minute to minute. Roku would not recognize one of my two tablos at all and in the ios app one tablo had no live sched. I would say tablo becomes unusable in some fashion on at least one app for at least a few hours, less than 5% of the time. YMMV whether that’s good or bad.

I have gotten to where I don’t try to fix anything or even reboot, I just come back in a couple hours or even better the next day. By then, somebody at tablo HQ has fixed it. Life’s too short to take time trying to fix problems that are not of my doing.

BTW when I checked a hour ago tablo was running unusually fast, so the tablo repair squad did good. How long will the patch hold?

Is your response sarcastic or being for real?

I don’t think that’s how the Tablo/Guide Server works.

Mine is a sluggish at times, but always loads. I would confirm this at your home:

Confirm you have a solid connection will help.

Again, I didnt have any issues this weekend… It had some lag, but everything was operational tho.