"Loading..." Android Mobile app 4th gen

Well I guess I factory reset it a couple of times.

lol, let’s hope that’s not a bad thing!

IDK what to tell you. Other than my issue above (mom’s account, but still attached to mine), all my setups have been resolved by network resets, app resets, or a simple Tablo reboot.

In any of those attempts where you were trying to set it up, did you JUST press the button and not hold it to reboot it?

Ha. Just did that one. Back trying to connect via ethernet again. “Loading” And rebooted the network.

Just ran into the same issue described above with a brand new 4th gen on ethernet. Setting up on an Android phone, everything proceeded as normal until clicking next past the zip code - then would get stuck on a loading page forever.

I found a similar thread on Reddit where someone suggested disabling VPN on the phone. While the Loading… page was spinning, I tried this and setup proceeded past the loading page immediately. Firmware update, channel scan, etc.

I have turned VPN back on my phone and everything is working fine. Hope this helps some others.

Tech specs: Ethernet connection to Google WiFi, Pixel 7 phone, VPN by Google One.

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