Live TV stops playing at same time recording ends

It’s a Roku problem in general.  I have the Roku3 and this happens.  

I am almost positive this doesn’t happen on any other platform.

I just checked my recording schedule to see what my scenario was. I had the same as in “test2” that you did.

@snowcat You’ve provided some great feedback here - we’ll test this in the office.

Glad to help!


Hi, I just saw noticed this happening again. I am pretty sure this went away, but I can’t say this was the first time since last year.

My question is when a recording is happening on a channel using a tuner and then that channel wants to be watched live… What tuner is used? The same one as the one doing recording or is a separate tuner?

I feel that it should be a separate tuner or maybe have this be an option in settings to use the same or different. With us having a 4 tuner odds are pretty slim that all will be needed at a the same time.

I am experiencing the same problem with my 4 tuner Tablo and am using Roku 2’s and 3’s. Live programming stops 6-9 minutes after a recording on the same channel has ended. Pop-up window informs me that the “Program ended “x” minutes ago” with the option button of “Don’t Record Episode”. This occurs when no other tv’s are in use or other recordings scheduled, i.e, the number of tuners are not maxed out. Hitting the Play button on the Roku remote does NOT close the window to continue watching Live TV. Have to use the Back button to go back to the program schedule grid and re-select the TV program, and then select the Watch button to get back to the Live TV program.

This happens a lot on my setup as well - very frustrating. @TabloSupport mentioned they’ll test this in office - any word on that? For reference, I’m having the same problem (with Tablo 4 tuner/Roku 3 setup):

Problem: Live TV playback stops 5 to 10 minutes after a show ends (meaning we’re 5 to 10 minutes into the next show when it suddenly gets interruped - very frustrating).

Desired Behavior: Live TV should play indefinitely (or until I stop paying the power bill).

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Any update on this issue?

I see this on my Apple TV. If I am watching a show that is recording. As soon as it stops, I get thrown back to the guide.

Is this possibly the tuner being released once the recording is done. I’ll see if this happens if I am recording a show on one channel and watching something else ona different channel.

See if the same behavior happens.

Running 4 tuner with current firmware.

This happened again tonight. Watching fox and I got bounced to the guide when a recording finished.

Was the show that was recording on Fox?

No but I believe there Wawa’s at least 1 show recording at the time.

I have seen when watching a show that was recording. And when the recording stopped. I woiuld get bounc d back to the guide.

I just figured a tuner was getting released and that was/is causing the issue.

That’s exactly what’s happening.

When a recording is completed, the ‘end recording’ process includes releasing the tuner.

But they said the channel they were watching was not the channel recording recorded, so two separate tuners. Why would the live TV channel using a different tuner get released? Or do all the tuners get released when a recording is completed?

Definitely not - that is particularly odd.
@Canons900 Give us a shout with the details!

I’ll work on documenting with more information. I also don’t mind leaving the Tablo in remote access during the day so you guys can go in and poke around while I am at work and no one is home.

I can’t seem to repeat this behavior. I’ll keep an eye out for this and see if it happens again.

I have the same issue but with Amazon Fire TV, If I am watching a tv program while recording that same program, and it ends and goes to the next program after 5 minutes the live tv will stop playing and i have to back out to the guide and and select the channel again to get my live tv feed back, very frustrating and seems to be a bug in the software. Please fix this as I love the product otherwise.

Last night this did not happen to my wife. She was watching this is us on NBC while it was recording.

I was upstairs watching something else and she did not have this happen.

It might be time to open a ticket and see if the Tablo team can schedule a remote session to check the logs from one of us reporting the behavior.

If I experience it again, I’ll open a ticket unless someone else wants to do it first. I would mention the show, the time show starts and when it ended so the support team has as much info as possible.

I’ll see what is recording tonight and see if the behavior presents. I can tell you, I did not experience this watching a channel that was not recording on the Tablo.