Live TV Stops at end of program?

I’m new to Tablo and have had my 2 Tuner setup for all of 24 hours. One thing I’m noticing is that no matter what channel I’m watching (Live OTA) when the program ends so does the stream!

For instance I was just now watching the Noon news and at 12:30 when the news ended the Tablo stopped streaming! It just stops on the last few frames of the show. I can go back to the guide and start up the next show immediately but why doesn’t it just keep playing along?

Did I miss a setting somewhere?

Did you click on the channel number or the program name in the Live TV guide?

Uhhhh, program name I believe and now that you’ve asked that question the problem seems glaringly obvious! Geeez…

What device are you using to watch it? On the various phone and tablet apps or a PC, above is correct, click the channel # rather than the show.

If using a ROKU, press the PLAY button instead of the OK button and it will stay on the channel after the show ends.

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Google Nexus Player actually but your advice for the other devices is also appreciated.