Live TV Stops and Goes back to Guide

I have been having an issue with Live TV stoping mid show and going back to the guide on my Roku Ap and using I have checked my channel signal strength and they seem to be ok. Does anyone have any recommendations?

@jeg, Tablo support has indicated that this is a result of the latest Roku firmware update. There is much discussion on this topic in “the community”.
I put in a support request to Roku over a week ago with no response.
I’ve also started a thread on this topic on the Roku forums site
I’m hoping Roku gets this together soon. Roku is the only streaming device I use for watching Tablo.

Yes, like LockNLoad said, this problem started happening after my Roku updated to 7.1 something. I hope Roku releases a 7.2 soon that fixes the problem. :frowning:

My Roku 3 updated to 7.2.0 4100 today, so far everything works fine with the Tablo app. Link to a Roku forum topic regarding 7.2, release notes, etc.

Hope this fixes your issue.

I’ve worked with Roku to have the latest update along with Nuvvyo to make sure I have the latest firmware on that end. I still can’t watch on my Tablo on my Roku for more than 20 minutes before it kicks me out to the channel guide. Roku and Nuvvyo no longer troubleshoot this.

I have the same problem, but that’s not the only issue I’m chasing.

Is Tablo working with ROKU on this issue? It is getting old having to reboot the Tablo or the Roku every 20 to 30 minutes. I don’t have any issues with any of my other Roku apps, just the Tablo. If it’s a Roku issue it must be something with the Tablo interface to Roku. Thus I think Tablo should be working with Roku to get this resolved.


do you get a weak signal error when you try to go back to the station before rebooting?

It’s not a weak signal issue. I was told before by Tablo that it is a Roku problem. My point now is, is someone working on the problem. No other roku apps have this problem.

This occassionally occurs on my Roku 4 with Netflix.
I’ll be watching a TV show, or a movie, and all of a sudden I get dropped back to the video selection screen.

[quote=“jwwhite001, post:10, topic:7612”]
No other roku apps have this problem.
[/quote]Still happens to me on a Roku 4 on the Syfy channel as well.

What @dlrmn is experiencing (the weak signal notice) is triggering a behaviour similar to this one. However it’s cause is different - for the rest of the folks in this thread, this appears to be rooted in a Roku player issue. As mentioned above, this is a bug present in channels other than Tablo.

I’m also getting kicked out every 10 minutes when watching live TV. I’m not entirely sure it’s only a Roku problem, as I’ve never had a single failure using the Netflix app.

Has anyone seen any fix for this yet? I too am having exceptionally frustrating issues with Roku and Tablo. Roku works fine on its own, but when I select any channel on Tablo, the live feed switches back to the guide after ~5 min, channel turns red/flashes, and I cannot access the channel for some time. This keeps going on. As a result, I can’t watch more than a few minutes of any channel. This is quite ridiculous.

@Chadmoe1 Several of the Roku users on our forum have confirmed the Roku 7.5 firmware update appears to solve this problem - which version is your Roku using?

I’m having a similar problem with my new 2-tuner Tablo runnig 2.2.12. It just drops to the guide somewhere between 8 and 18mins (many trials). I am using AppleTV, iPhone 6s and in Chrome.

I do not have a USB hard drive attached to the tablo. Would that have anything to do with it?

I was getting this today as well on my AppleTV … watching the thanksgiving parade it would periodically drop out of the live broadcast to the channel guide.