Live TV speed Browser (HTML5) vs Amazon Fire TV

We’re new to Tablo so still getting a feel for things but in our setup we have a Tablo 2 hardwired and use a gen 1 Amazon Fire TV box which is also gigabyte hardwired into our network. Switching Live TV channels on the Fire TV takes about 15-18 seconds but i noticed that if i do the same thing via Chrome Browser on my laptop (wifi) it only takes 7-8 seconds to switch. Is this normal? does transcoding to play via HTML5 that much faster than for a hardwired client?

ahh ok i didnt know the firetv app used HTML5 also.

so on my macbook air w/ chrome via wifi is using 1.1.9 (7-8 seconds to load a currently unused live channel)

1st gen apple tv via hardwired is using 1.1.8 (16-18 seconds to load a currently unused live channel)

is the jump from 1.1.8 to 1.1.9 really that big of a jump to cut the time in half even when using wifi instead of hardwired?

I don’t think it’s the HTML version so much as the much less powerful CPU in the Fire box vs the MacBook. It’s got to shut down the existing stream, request the new stream from the Tablo, wait for it to start, then start decoding and rendering the new stream. The HTML version might be part of that time difference, but not most of it. I have no idea what processor is in that box, how many cores it has, or how many threads it can support.

I thought that might be part of it too. For reference the gen 1 Fire TV box has a Quad Core Qualcomm Krait 300 up to 1.7 GHz. 32-bit CPU.