Live TV signal displays for 3-5 seconds then disappears

Live TV displays fine for 3-5 seconds then disappears, it reappears in about 45 seconds only to disappear again. This happens with all channels. The HDTV antenna provides consistently good signals on all channels when connected directly to a TV. I have reset the Tablo to factory settings and still get the same result.
Any thoughts about what to try with the Tablo???

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That sounds like a bandwidth issue with your network and the Tablo. I had that issue for a little bit when I had a Roku that only worked on the 2.4GHz network. My 5GHz Rokus never had that issue.

Some suggestions:

  1. If you have devices on a 2.4GHz network, see if they can be moved to a 5 GHz network
  2. Lower your quality setting to see if it helps
  3. Try it on various devices (like a cell phone or a PC) and see if you get the same issues as the device that is giving you problems.
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