Live TV Recording Selection Direct

In the Live TV Guide, allow a single key/button selection for recording an episode or series, when there is no recording selected a single push records an episode and when there is an episode recording selected another push records a series using default series settings. A push on a series recording removes/cancels the series recording. In other words a loop such as, no recording -> push key -> episode recording -> push key -> series recording using default settings -> push key -> no recording… Using the pause/play key on Fire TV and Apple TV while an episode is selected. There appears to be a limit on keys that can be used which might make this a non-starter on other devices. Might want to use pause/play key to bring up a sub-menu to allow future uses, although that will make it less handy. I just noticed that the pause/play key selects the entry/episode directly to play it.

Yes, what actual button on the remote do you have in mind for this? You need to buttons you select the show to start playing it or just see what it’s about, etc.

Just cause I “select” a show in the guide doesn’t mean I want it to be set to record.

Hi TheUser86,

I didn’t realize that the pause/play button selected the entry/episode so at this time there doesn’t appear to be a button available on the AppleTV, so there isn’t a way to make this function happen on that product, so it’s a non-starter.

DirecTV has this implemented because they have a dedicated Record button.

Sorry for wasting time, better research is required before I make another request.

I am a Tablo new user and I found tablo superior in many different ways compared to my first cut the cord DVR, which has a number of problems and one problem is a show stopper for me, so the Tablo is a great improvement including the UI in the preview App.

Again sorry. I will repeat, better research, better research.

No need to be sorry, I was just curious. Maybe one day Tablo can get Roku to add a button just for them to their remote lol

I’d love to see Roku (rumored to have a lot of spare pocket change right now) buy Nuvyyo and bring to market best-in-class Roku TVs with Tablo built in. Let’s call it “Ro-Blo.”

I would find this to be a very sad, sad day. Nuvyyo is minimally invasive. Roku is a giant is data mining and proprietary devices. Right now I can use tablo with something relatively basic as PC or even a mobile device - something virtually everyone has.

There are still areas in the US where OTA, other than satellite isn’t an option. Buying even more specialized equipment just to watch my free OTA via DVR will be truly sad in my view.


Well again, in my fantasy I would want Roku to follow Tablo’s example and allow Roku channels to work on anything. Yes, streaming on everything and our Tablo community will teach how to opt out of the tracking. As for the RoBlo TV, consumers love simplicity and everything built in. If we had a top of the line RoBlo 8k (I love saying that, I’m sorry) a year from now with an ATSC 3 tuner and an m.2 slot for the SSD, we’d have an attractive, hot selling future-proof product.

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Or maybe Tablo can convince Roku to let us reprogram their “included” buttons like Sling (which I don’t have) , CBS All Access (which I don’t have), ESPN (which I don’t have). I know why they do it, but it’s 4 useless buttons for me.
I guess that’s what Harmony remotes are for. :smiley:

The very newest Rokus AFAIK, allow you to finally program the buttons (there might be some where it’s not possible… all about ad/partnerships).

I have the Roku enhanced voice remote that has the “1” and “2” buttons on it. Supposedly I can assign them any valid voice command such as “Launch some channel name”, but I can’t find instructions anywhere for how to do that. They sent me this remote as a replacement for the original remote for our Ultra and… no instructions.

@TabloTV Thanks! I owe you guys cookies … AGAIN!

You’re welcome… I knew such a thing existed because I went looking for the instructions on Roku’s support page for a previous Cord Cutting This Week newsletter and didn’t find anything :upside_down_face:

But Lon saved the day.