Live TV Pause / FF issue

We are using a dual tuner along with the Fire TV app for our setup and experiencing an issue I believe others have posted in the past.

I have noticed that while watching Live TV and pause for a period of time (say 10 min or longer), when i press Play to resume rather than resuming where we paused it instead will jump to the Live TV point and I’ll have to rewind and guess where we left off. I also experienced a Live TV issue this weekend while watching a football game that I think is related where we recorded the game and started watching it about 15 min behind (so we could FF through commercials) and when we’d get to a commercial point, i’d press the FF button a couple times (to jump ahead in 30 sec increments) it would LOOK like it was jumping in those time segments but when we’d hit play it would be at Live TV again and we’d need to again RW and guess where we left off

As far as I can tell we do not have this issue with pre-recorded content that has completed the full recording.

The killer part too is not having the thumbnail preview while FF’ing that you get w/ the fully recorded content and what we were used to with our Tivo. Rest of the family is giving major pushback on that feature but i know those thumbnails are not added until the recording finishes. I’d imagine that wont be one that is ever really added on the fly (i was wondering if the Nvidia Shield/Tablo app version would have that issue?)

I find Live TV is where Tablo can use some improvement. I made quite a lengthy review on Amazon here.

It points out the issue with pausing and no thumbnails for Live TV.

Thanks for the info! thats pretty much what we’re experiencing too. The FF during a live tv broadcast (say if you start late or rewind a bit and are trying to incrementally catch up ) seems to have the same issue so guessing its the same bug. I have an open case on it so if i get any useful info i’ll post back here

the no preview thumbnails i wont hold out hope for since its designed to not get those until the recording is complete. Really wish that wasn’t the case but i’d imagine any question on that is a “thats by design” response because of how its engineered

Is this a fire TV issue. My live TV issues went away once I beefed up my wireless network to the Roku TV’s.

my Fire TV is the the box , not the stick and its hardwired via Gigabit ethernet so the network isnt the issue here. I can’t say for sure if its the Tablo Fire TV app or the Tablo Live TV functionality itself but hoping they can find a solution. I’ve had a ticket for a couple of days but still waiting to hear back

Which box? 1st gen or 2nd gen?

I’ve had no problems with Live TV on the 1st gen AFTV box.

1st Gen

So if you try going to Live TV, pause and let it sit paused for say 15 min and press play and see it it resumes where you paused or jumps ahead. This issue seems to be not just me from what I’ve read so hoping its just a setting or something I can adjust maybe that you have differently?

The FF when watching Live TV slightly behind (in my example for a football game) is a lot more annoying but it seems to be the same bug

I will test using Chrome. I will pause Live TV for a while and see what happens when I play.

Well, it doesn’t happen in Chrome. I was busying working and forgot about my paused Live TV. Came back 1 hour later and it picked up where I paused it. Must be more of an issue with the Tablo App on FireTV.

I’m thinking this could have something to do when the Fire TV goes into Screen Saver mode or something along those lines. I turned off the Screen Saver and it no longer switches screens at that point but it eventually goes to a black screen so trying to figure out what that mode is since i dont see any options to turn off sleep mode or anything in case its doing that. I may be totally off here but thats what i’m noticing so far

I have a ticket open on this as well so hoping to hear back soon from support

One update on this , I got word from support that they dug into this and have found it to be a bug in their Amazon Fire app, not the Amazon Fire TV and will be working on a fix. No ETA on when but good to know its being addressed at some point