Live TV in Guide

Are there any plans to update the guide so I can continue to watch the channel I’m watching and look through the Guide?


What playback device?

If you select the channel and hit play, instead of picking a show and hitting Watch, the live TV should play for hours.

You only get kicked out of the live TV if your tuners have to switch to other channels for recordings.

I think the user wants to be able to see live TV and the guide at the same time, like most dvrs. I would be surprised to see it happen on the Tablo.

Snowcat is correct. I would like to see the guide while watching a show at the same time.

This is a frequent request, I’ve asked for it myself. Other apps like Pluto.TV have it so it is technically possible, but who knows where or if it is on the @TabloTV roadmap since we haven’t seen an update to that in a while.

And before a 5.1 stereo zealot pops in and tells us all how much more important that is, we get it, you want 5.1.


Maybe access the Guide on another device, like a cell phone or tablet, while the movie is playing on the TV.

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That’s a work around but sucks compared to what is possible. Low wife approval factor or significant other approval as the case may be.

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DTVN keeps current station sound and shows guide starting at currently tuned station.

Like snowcat mentioned, this feature is de facto with most dvr, and ti’s a good wife approval feature. My wife constantly talks about it. It’s even there on the xbox one guide!

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+1 Always a sore spot. I have to remind my better half how much money we are saving to quell the buzz about it.

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Anything new on this front from Tablo? It would be nice to see the programming as I surf the guide to see what else is on.

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I absolutely agree with @PTURNER, the live TV could go in that colossal waste of space in the top 1/2 of the guide where that HUGE image takes up 1/2 of the screen. Just a ridiculous waste of space for no reason. @TabloTV