Live tv improvements

currently, the live tv functionality is lacking in that it takes a bit for the channel to change. i’m thinking from the point of normal tvs and tivo and most other cable boxes where you can switch channels almost instantly. would it be possible to do this? on non-roku interfaces, where control is coming from an external device such as a phone/tablet, when i touch the screen on the phone/tablet, an overlay of channel up/down and a text box would appear, allowing the user to enter a channel number or press on channel up/down to switch the channel immediately.

of cours,e since on the roku, where control is through the roku remote, this will have to be thought about differently.

Live TV changing of channels takes time because it buffers the video first. Already discussed here. Read this thread:

thanks. i get it now. it’s largely due to the difference between h264 and mpeg2. so i guess i’ll stick to splitting the antenna line for direct feed to the tv as well as the tablo.

Great idea.