Live TV Guide not loading on Kodi 17

We just purchased our new Tablo. We are using it with Kodi 17 and cannot get the Live TV guide to load. What is the issue and is there a resolution?

What streaming device are you using? Fire, Apple, Android, PS4, Roku, or just a smart TV? Which ever, you should be able to load both the Kodi and Tablo apps on the same streaming device…

Kodi of all versions has always had bugs that prevent things like Tablo from working perfectly… Krypton is still new and has lots of bugs I have found…

I am using Kodi 17.3 on a Raspberry
Pi 3 with the Tablo script from either Kodi or Tablo…neither of them are working.

Thank you for your prompt response

Lee Willocks

The Tablo addon for Kodi doesn’t work well with Kodi 17, go back to Kodi 16.1

I have found the Kodi 17.1 addon to work well running on Windows 10. I would have to say that even though I don’t care for the Etcuary skin, 17.1 is the most stable version I have run to date.

Hi guys -

We’ll be taking a closer look at this and working to get a patch in.

@lawilocks - You mentioned the live TV grid guide was not loading… Is it just that there was no guide data filling in or was there a spinner?

If anyone has seen anything else specific they can describe, please let us know the following so we can test:

  • The Tablo firmware version you’re running
  • The KODI software version you were trying to run when you ran into issues
  • The viewing device you were using KODI on


Quick update - KODI seems to be working on all of our supported devices. Unfortunately RaspberryPis are not on that list.