Live TV guide data is wrong on roku 3

Live TV guide data is wrong on roku 3 but correct on pad and pc. Shows on roku 3 are right. The guide appears to be changing but just the timing of the shows is wrong. I have restarted the roku and checked for software update, neither helped. Any ideas? I have 4 rokus in house, all the same. I checked the time on the roku and it is correct.

I didn’t check my Roku 3, but on the Roku 4 it displays the time. Do all the Roku’s you have have the same time? Are the pad and pc configured to check the time and change if it is wrong and maybe the Roku isn’t. Is it off by more than an hour. Remember we just changed time. I have my router configured to correct the time and automatically correct, so if the Roku gets the time from the Router, it gets the correct time. My Roku 4 shows the correct time.
EDIT: The Tablo channel on Roku shows the time too, so look to see if the time is correct there.

@Aliboo - Are things correct now? Wondering if it was a temporary issue due to the time change this weekend.

i checked everything that came to mind and nothing i could do was working. it was about 15 hrs off, so the time change didnt have anything to do with it that i could tell.
I dont know how i overlooked it, but today i just unplugged it and let it rest a few and then restarted it, all is as normal now. thanks for rubbing the brain cells together anyhoo.

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I have a Roku 3 and the live tv guide seems to be accurate. The problem I’m have is there are two channels that won’t upload the schedule and it says loading and it never loads. I’ve had this problem for about a week and prior to that they worked fine. Notified tech support at Nuvyyo and they are trying to correct the problem . We will see if it works out.

i think what solve it for me was just unplugging the tablo and letting
it reset when plugged back in, my problem has happened again since and
this is what i did to solve it. unfortunately the reason for the tablo
for me is to remember to record programs that i would not remember to
record. when you find that you have a problem is usually after you have
missed a couple of recordings. oh well, its not perfect but its still
better than paying for cable.