Live TV Grid de-populates

Having issues with the Live TV grid entries (program names) going blank while I am scrolling either up or down.

@Norman_Wilson Sorry to hear you’re running into that. What device are you seeing this on? Are you using the 24 hour or 14-day grid?

I am seeing this on a TABLO DUAL HDMI using the 14 day grid schedule.

The same de-populating happens using the 24 hour or 14 day schedule.

I am currently in Maintenance Mode so support can take a look.

I have dis-connected the HD with the same results.


Yup, I have the exact same issue. The live grid loads and if you move down a single show, or a page most of the grid will clear (a few cells don’t) and then you have to wait for the grid to repopulate.

It eventually reappears. The dual seem to be using a CPU for a decade ago. it is VERY slow.

I doubt they will solve anything. The hardware and software are just junk.

Agreed :angry:

It seems to me that I didn’t have this problem for the first few weeks of service. What has changed? Do more recordings affect this? I’m at a loss. They are working on it is what I’m told. If this is a horse power problem, then yes, it’s doubtful it will be resolved. I would rather not do a factory reset just as a test as I’d lose my recordings. It’s only TV/Movies I know, but still would rather not start all over again.

Mine didn’t have this exact problem until recently, but from the minute that I plugged my DUAL HDMI in and powered it up I was stunned at how poorly the live TV grid worked. I posted about it on a thread titled “First impressions” or something close to that. That thread has some videos I took that show how poorly the unit worked out of the box.

Since then there have been minor improvements, but the screen is still a disaster.

You mention that this might be a “horsepower problem” and you are 100% correct. I have hammered this hard in previous threads, and at the risk of repeating myself the problem is that Tablo is trying to dynamically populate too much data on the live TV grid.

What I mean is that they are trying to load the show title, a description of the specific episode and a thumbnail graphic all in real time as the user scrolls through the grid. Thus the term “Dynamic” data population.

That is all wonderful and provides a rich user experience - IF THE SYSTEM HAS THE HORSEPOWER TO PULL IT OFF !!!

The Tablo DUAL HDMI obviously does not have the power to provide dynamic data population, so instead of providing a rich user experience, we are left with an exasperating, poorly functioning screen.

My suggestion has been, and continues to be:

  1. Populate the live TV grid with simple plain text characters. No fancy fonts, no thumbnails, no episode information. That will assure a fast and reliable user experience. Proof of this is the currently existing “Quick Guide” that can be called up after entering the live TV Grid. The Quick Guide runs at lightening speed and allows quick scrolling up and down. The entire grid should work that way.

  2. If the user wants episode info and fancy graphics about any individual show, let them click on that episode to see that information the way it is currently displayed now . That’s the beauty of this solution, 90% of the programming already exists. Just rip out the overhead on the main grid and you are pretty much good to go.

But alas, I am resigned to the fact that we will remain stuck with the live TV grid that we currently have

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Yes, it is the weak CPU. The problem goes away if I use the App on MY NVidia Shield Pro which is much more powerful device than the Tablo Dual HDMI. Even with the App slowing things down is is so much faster at doing everything with the sluggish Tablo hardware.

There should be an option to not display the pictures. I am sure that is slowing ti down, Still, if I use my NVidia Shield it is MUCH faster with every operation including this one, This leags to one conclusion. The Tablo CPU is too weak to keep up with the design on this menu unlike my NVidia Shield even without it rendering engines in use.

If the item was made by Hubitat they would have it fixed in a week or two. They have the best support of any company around.

Thanks for the reply. And the info. I’m not there yet. I’m still angry. I guess this is where I can go off, but it’s not worth it.

In MY day, when I wrote, it did not leave the “shop” until it was thoroughly tested.
If it’s gonna PO the customers, we didn’t ship it. If it’s a good idea/product, we’d work out the problems. Not just dump it on CS.

I think the good programmers are on to the next big thing, or have gone to a company that gives a flip.

I’m mad at myself for NOT doing my due diligence.

Hey! The junk on TV is just that, junk. At least it’s free OTA junk, so I’m ahead there. No more cable to bring that same junk. :slight_smile:

Either, it just has too weak of a CPU to handle this function, the problem goes away of you use better equipment to access the hardware. Not sure if this happens on a quad. I finally got around to organizing my AV area and now I have extra room to move the NVidia for testing with the Tablo via LAN. It work so much better then using their slow hardware, By the way, the NVidia skips 10 seconds just like the images, not 20 seconds. Well, it did! Now they want me to pay monthly. Invest all all the damn Roku’s you want. The will not work at all with extortion from Tablo. Fucking con artists! You can not use ANY Tablo to ANY TV without paying a monthly fee. The whole company is a scam. It I were an AG I would be suing them now.,

Not any more! Tablo want to charge you a monthly fee! If you try and use their app without paying amo9nthly fee you are blocked! I am extremely angry at their fraud. It is a useless pile of shit! Tablo can eat mine. Assholes!! Extortion and Fraud is all this company does.