Live TV display design

(Tablo on Chrome on Win 10 computer, also on Samsung and IPad tablets) — Isn’t there too much screen space dedicated to just saying “LIVE TV”?

If this header area were reduced to a reasonable size, several more stations might be able to appear on the display.

WTBH (Wish to be helpful)

On my TV with the obvious resolution of x 720, yup I only get 5 channels in the list. When I click on a show… the LIVE TV turns into an information center. On a computer monitor on a desk, I occasionally use, with a higher resolution, I get most of the channels in the list. But I wouldn’t be able to read the small print from across the room on the TV.

disclaimer: I seldom use my tablo to watch live TV - I use the TV for that, so this isn’t an issue for me, but just tossing out options/different perspective.

Originally the design simply used the word " Kerfuffle" (especially at debate time), but it was confusing for the “Americans”.