Live TV Chromecast stops a lot

I am using the Web App from my Samsung Note 3 to a Chromecast.  All devices are within 4 feet of each other and no real obstructions.  It seems like it has to stop and buffer every 30-40 seconds.  It never seems to play continuously…   Very annoying.

Any ideas how I can help make it more continuous?  Also my router is a N type standard for Verizon Fios and the Tablo is hard lined into it.



What is your recording quality set to? Set it to 720p Roku / Chromecast.

Correct, I set it to 720p Roku / Chromecast.   Also it seems to work with no lag as long as I don’t push it to the Chromecast/TV…  so the whole reason i bought this seems to not work.  :(

Just so you know the casting feuatre from Note 3 to Chromecast does not go from device to device (aka directly from Note 3 to Chromecast). It goes wirelessly from Note to router, then wirelessly back to Chromecast (to test it, cast something and then unplug your router, you'll see it stop). So depending on how far away your router is, this could be causing the issue.

Can you cast recordings from the Note 3 to the Chromecast properly? Does that play smoothly?

What is the exact brand and model of your modem+router combo?

To be honest, if you want stable streaming from your Tablo to your HDTV, get a Roku 3.

The router is about 4 feet from everything.

Maybe ill look into the roku 3.    It seems to be the solution now until Chromecast is more normal.

Thanks for the information.  Just sucks I have 2 Chromecasts already.  :(

You never answered about the recordings?

Sorry.  The recordings do the same as live.  It seems like anything streamed to the Chromecast, Tablo related is spotty but Hulu and Netflix are smooth as silk.  

I killed my phone and the feed continues so its not relaying through my phone and back.  Not sure if that is what you ment. I cant power off the router right now.  Still stops every 30-60 seconds as before.

The router is the standard one provided by Verizon Fios nothing special.  Its N class but I don’t think its 5ghz.  

PS… Ouch the Roku 3 is $70. This project is getting more and more expensive by the minute lol,

Is your Tablo wired to your router or wireless? Wire it if you can and try again with the Chromecast.

Its wired.  I figured to give it all the speed I could give it for initial testing. 

Roku 3 is actually on sale for Xmas so if you get it then you can hard wire the Roku too. Solve all wireless problems.

If the Roku doesn’t work for you, you can return it.

Done and done.   

Ill give it a try when i have time tomorrow.  Thanks again.   :slight_smile:

If you have any signal drop out the Chromecast stream will hang. To verify it is a signal issue try playing the recorded show on a computer. If the picture breaks up but still plays on in the same spot that the Chromecast froze up it is a signal reception issue.
I have this occur occasionally on a channel that Tablo indicates as full strength but have verified it as slightly marginal with a professional ATSC spectrum monitor.