Live TV changing channels

I’m new to Tablo. I use the Fire TV, Roku Stick, and an android tablet for viewing. So far I really enjoy Tablo. I wish the buffering could be minimized for live TV but I can deal with that. The biggest request I would like is to be able to change channels while watching Live TV.
For fire tv/roku push down to bring up channel numbers only. Left push to access channel #'s. Up and down to navigate channels. Center click to change channel. This way you don’t have to load the guide. If you want the guide you access it as you normally do.

Great idea. I have that same overlay over the current show on my LG TV which allows me to go to another channel directly. The LG side panel can show all channels, the last recent five and favorites (depending on key pressed on remote).

Brilliant! Now let’s hope it’s doable!

I am new to Tablo but couldn’t you just do what DirecTV does and put the live broadcast in the upper right corner and have the guide take up the rest of the screen?

It is standard to have the guide and live channel on screen at the same time. I was assuming the tablo people had reasons for not displaying the guide and live TV. I was thinking my suggestion was an easier approach on the tech side.

It is likely a UI issue across multiple platforms. It would a nice feature but I don’t use my Tablo for live TV viewing, I have the coaxial cable split going directly to the TV for that purpose.