LIVE TV Buffering

Hey guys, I appreciate all of your support while I get things up and running.  Watching recorded programs is working great.  No buffering!  When I switch to LIVE TV I am still experiencing some buffering.  The messaging that comes up loading is very annoying especially to my wife.  We are using a ROKU1 on our main TV.  I do have the tablo connected directly to the router.  Again, Recorded Programs do not buffer.  The problem appears to be only LIVE TV.  Any thoughts? Suggestions?

How are you connecting the roku to the network? wired or wireless?

also try pausing livetv for 5 seconds and then see if it continues to buffer when watching?

ROKU is connected wirelessly.  I didn’t know if there was another option.   I will try pausing livetv for 5 seconds to see if that helps.  I will let you know.

If it is wireless, i would put money on that being the issue.  Granted that doesn’t explain why recordings work and LiveTV doesn’t, but I know wifi is wonky no matter what.  If there is no ethernet jack on the Roku1, you may consider powerline adapters.  There is another thread here where we helped someone with a similiar issue and the solution was powerline adapters for direct ethernet connection to network.

What version of Roku are you using?  Not all are officially supported.

Roku 1.   Is there a link to which ROKU's are officially supported?

Roku 1, 2 and 3 are all supported. Support will pop in today to check out your issue.

What do you mean they will “pop in”?

They’re working on the backlog of stuff from the weekend but they’ve been alerted to your issue and will take a look at it shortly. 

Hi @wkufan92 - we’ve been in touch today, but I thought I’d post here for anyone else wondering. 

The recorded programs will come through easier because the Tablo is just fetching them from the disk. For Live TV, the Tablo is working a little harder, and as @piX64 put it, WiFi can be a little wonky. 

Now, a little more specific to the Roku 1: The reason it has been experiencing difficulties is that our app was designed for the current generation that Roku has available (Roku 1,2,3, HDMI stick).

Unfortunately, the documentation Roku has available provides a list of functions available to each model (1,2,3, HDMI stick)– these functions listed in the documentation aren’t exactly correct, and have resulted in varying results with the Roku 1. Our engineers are aware of this issue, and are working to get the performance up to scratch. 

Thank you for the update and prompt communication.   I tried pausing live tv for like 10 seconds before watching it and I had zero buffering issues.

I have a Roku 3 and had zero problems with live TV until the recent update, now I have issues watching news in the morning and live tv buffers every 10-20 seconds.  Live tv is not even an optioin at this point!  I hope this gets lots of love. 

Hi @Sparkhawk - this is the first I’ve heard about difficulty with Live TV post-update. Can you send me some details at ? I’d be happy to help troubleshoot and get this working.

I’m experiencing this issue on my Roku 3 since the recent update. Only buffers with live TV. Very annoying when trying to watch World Cup and the All Star Game.

A tip on WiFi from a EE.

WiFi is a shared media. Other devices, including those of your neighbors, share the frequency and bandwidth of your TabloTV WiFi connection, producing the “buffering” problem, even on LiveTV and Recorded programs. There is nothing Nuvyyo can do to fix this issue.

This is why TabloTV recommends going to a direct wired connection between your TabloTV and you internet Router, or alternately through a Powerline ethernet connection if you can’t easily do a directly wired connection.

If you do use WiFi, as I do, and you have a router using both the older 2.4Ghz and newer 5Ghz frequencies “simultaneously”, connect your TabloTV to the 5Ghz band. This frequency is rarely used, does not transmit through walls as far (so less interference from your neighbors internet), and then set all your other internet devices to use the older 2.4Ghz band from your router. This will give you the best uninterrupted WiFi signal possible and will minimize the buffering. Most routers made in the last 3 years support this dual 2.4/5 Ghz frequency dual banding.

If you have a router that does not support 2.4/5 Ghz, I suggest spending the $75 to buy a new router. I recommend the Apple routers you can buy direct from the Apple refurb store for $75 that support streaming. Hockey puck and white and so easy to set up via an Apple Airport Utility app.