Live TV Buffering since the latest upgrade (Really old thread)

Guys, I know I have seen this mentioned before but since the latest upgrade I am starting to experience live tv buffering.  This was not the case prior to the update.  The buferring is quick but is still annoying.  I have zero buffering on WatchESPN, Amazon and Netflix so I know this is a Tablo issue.  I had ZERO buferring before the upgrade so I know it is a problem with the upgrade.

I hope this is fixed soon!

I have the same experience.  Very split second buffer that didn’t exist before

@wkufan92 @tacopeland Our intention is to include a ‘switch’ for fast startup in the Settings section of the next release. This way, you can toggle it on or off to see which setting works for you. Coming soon!

On my wired Roku, I have no problems with buffering, but on my wireless Roku 3, it does buffer some at the beginning (didn’t before).  

I guess I will have to make a decision with the switch when it comes.  

I am not sure what the switch is for.  Can someone with more tech skills explain why we are all experiencing buffering now and not before?

It’s all explained by Tablo in this post in the latest Firmware thread.
Thanks for sending over the link, @snowcat.

@wkufan92 To summarize what the switch is actually for:

In firmware update we introduced a faster tune up speed for live TV. The average results we had from testing showed a decrease in 'wait time' from ~17 seconds to roughly ~10 seconds. We made this change by sending shorter video segments to the Tablo than we did before - this gives it less time to buffer.

In a few cases, this change in 6-7 seconds worth of buffering changed the experience entirely for some folks. The Tablo and their devices were not able to get the segments quickly enough over the network, creating a buffering problem.

The switch we intend to implement will allow you to choose between either the 'old' startup time of ~17 seconds and the 'new', faster startup time of ~10 seconds. This way, users can toggle the switch on and off depending on the experience they're having with live TV. 

What i’m experiencing is different from initial video load up.  I’m getting quick buffering mid stream.

@tacopeland  @TabloSupport   I am having the same problem with quick mid-stream buffering.  Will be glad to have a working switch.  

@tacopeland @JohnT We’ve heard a few reports of this since the update, and to be honest - it’s pretty odd. 

The segments are staggered (smaller - then larger) at the beginning of the live TV tuning to build up to a faster tune time. Once the ‘startup’ part of tuning is over, it streams exactly the same way it did before.

It’s understandable that some users would see a slower/buffered startup in some cases, but buffering mid-stream isn’t what we anticipated at all. It’s possible, of course, as a couple of people have reported this - just not what we expected. In any case, the ‘switch’ will give you the choice.

Sorry to just now respond but that is the problem I am experiencing.  The buffering is occuring in the middle of live tv.  This was not happening at all prior to this update.

Same issue here. I see a “loading” message a 3-5 times over a couple hour period.

Tablo 4 tuner, Roku 3, all hardwired with gigabit ethernet.

@snzkickin @wkufan92 Is the buffering/loading with 2.1.20 ? or 2.1.18 firmware ?

@lowbee @wkufan92

Sorry, I should have mentioned it earlier… it’s running 2.1.20.


Under the web app in the browser, have you tried unchecking Fast Live TV Startup?

Unchecked Fast Live TV Startup in web app and after it started it froze. This feature has created a problem for me. Even recordings are start and stop since the update. The captioning works fine, this stream control - not so much. All updates current. The restart at last viewed may be causing some issues as well. That works most of the time, but is it worth it if the stream isn’t playing through. Using iPad and not seeing startup option there in app. Need the old firmware stream code to run instead of this irritating option.

To be correct the Fast Live TV Startup is the new firmesre features. Unchecking it goes backwards pre- .18

It was introduced bc people were having problems with the new feature hence why it comes checked by default.

@spark @snzkickin

The new update (and the enable startup option) haven’t touched the way recordings play. It’s possible that it could just be an (unfortunate) coincidence. Feel free to send me your Tablo’s MAC in a ticket and we can take a look at what’s going on.

Was using an iPad 2 iOS-7 = problems. IPad 4 iOS 8 - no problems. Same wifi network. Only started with last update. Since it works on a newer iPad & current iOS, it must be an iPad 2 problem. Didn’t update the iOS on the iPad 2. Synced an iPhone 4S with iOS 6 and it appears to work as expected with web app, so clearly the Tablo is doing what it should. Just an accessory problem, not Tablo.