Live TV - Backing Up

I’m watching Live TV. Someone knocks on the door and when they leave hour and a half later, I want to back up and watch the end of the show I was watching when I was interrupted, I’ve noticed I can’t back up far enough to watch the end of my show. When I hit the left arrow to back up, the time line seems to indicate that there are three hours there of live TV that I can back up to but when I try to rewind two hours ago for instance, it jumps to some other point (much less than I requested).

I’ve searched and I cant find any guidance on this so thanks for any help with this.

Tablo 2.2.30 using wired connection
Roku 2 using wired connection.

What is your Roku 2 model number? Maybe it’s cause your Roku is uber old, I don’t think Roku has made a 2 model in many years.

See thread below.

My Roku model is 4210X.

Thanks for the link. That is relevant info. I certainly can’t backup 10 hours, it seems like I can only back up to the previous show. So I guess my question still stands, how far back can you rewind on Live TV and/or what are the factors that determine how far you back up.

That’s unclear. The question was ask while running firmware several versions prior and previous generations devices. They never responded if it was still current.

As for Roku comparability, tablo does provide this disclaimer on the Roku tab in Tablo Compatible Streaming Set-Top-Boxes & Sticks

(Older ‘legacy’ models such as the Roku LT and original streaming stick are not supported.)

There are other topics about resuming not starting where expected, but I believe most of those are recordings starting at the beginning.

Maybe open a support ticket with Tablo to ask them directly why it doesn’t work as such on your Roku.

The Roku model 4210 is from April 2015 so not sure if that’s the cause.

the 4210 is still supported as it is what I use. It is the newest of the Roku 2s. I ma hoping it stays around awhile as it seems to have plenty of speed.

How long can you pause live TV for and then scroll back to?

This has been my experience with pausing…

If I pause a program while watching live TV, the scroll back buffer can go back for several hours.

If I pause a program while also recording that program, when the program recording ends, the scroll back buffer appears to be dropped.

I don’t know if this action is specified anywhere, but this has been my experience.

If your asking me I almost never watch live TV so I cant answer the question.

Yes I don’t have a Roku 2 to test if this issue is model specific or user specific.

If you know you’re going to be away from your show for more than ~20-30 minutes, I would suggest making a recording.

Pause buffers vary from device to device and also depends on your Live TV quality setting, but when the buffer space runs out, the data in the existing buffer will be dumped and a new ‘pause point’ later on will be set.