Live TV Audio sync in Windows 10

When I use the Tablo Windows app in Google Chrome, after a few minutes the audio becomes seriously out of sync with the picture. Not seeing this same problem with Roku or Android players. Tablo is running 2.2.8 firmware; Windows 10 does have the latest updates installed and using the latest Chrome browser in standard Windows mode. Computer is hardwired to the network, as is the Tablo. Seems to really affect live TV only; recorded programs stay pretty close to perfect.

@jimzix - I’m going to send you a special link to try out. Let me know if it works to fix the sync issue.

Works great, thank you!

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Glad to hear it @jimzix

If anyone else is seeing this issue, just drop me a PM and I’ll send you the same link.

Can you please send me the link as well? I am having the same issue in Win10

@CStein - Sure! On the way shortly.

Folks - We’ve got a new build that seems to fix this issue if you’d like to give it a try:

If you do, please let us know if it solves this issue for you or not.

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Tested on my Chromebook and my desktop Windows 10 Chrome. I used a channel that has poor signal which is the worst for lip sync. I am happy to report 10 minutes in on both and lip sync is holding strong. Also it is working great on strong signal channels. Great work, THANK YOU!

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Ran the new version for 12 hours today…and it was perfectly sync’ed!

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Awesome! Glad to hear it guys.

We’ll be working this fix into the next build.

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