Live TV audio and video get WAY out of sync

Hi. Watching a lot of football lately. The feed is very choppy and within a minute or so, the audio and video are WAY WAY WAY out of sync – literally 20-25 seconds out of sync. I have a 2-tuner Tablo, hard-wired to the router, a 1 TB Seagate portable drive, and two MacBook Pros (and the symptoms are the same on my iPad). What gives? This is awful. Can anyone help?

Same choppy stuff trying to watch the Golden Globe awards – basically totally unwatchable. Whereas other network shows (Madam Secretary, Columbo) are smooth and synced. Could there be some issue with Tablo and live EVENTS – as opposed to TV shows that are, you know, recorded in the studio if you know what I mean. Is this not happening to anyone else?

Thread about the issues viewing sports here:

Hi, thanks for pointing this thread out, but I think it’s actually a different issue. The thread you referenced is about herky-jerky movement that might be the result of some encoding and recoding issues. What I’m talking about is A LOT of pixellation, a LOT of starting and stopping, and then the audio and video getting literally 20-25 seconds or more out of sync. And as I mentioned the same thing happened with the Golden Globe Awards – hardly a fast-moving event.

This is a totally useless post, but my tablo (4 tuner) is wireless to router, watching golden globes on my ipad mini 4 and its problem free.

Are you having signal issues? Do you live in an area where its currently snowing? That would make a marginal signal worse. You could test by plugging coax direct to TV.

That’s what it was for me. The wife was getting very upset about the glitchiness in the Golden Globe,so I switched the TV to the antenna and it was the same thing! The storm we are having (high winds) must have shifted my Tablo antenna. I was able to make a minor adjustment to the antenna that resolved the problem.

Hi folks - If you’re seeing video pixelation and audio drop outs it’s most likely a signal issue.

There are a few things you can do to check on this including trying to tune different channels and seeing if you have the same result and doing a TV vs. Tablo comparison like @JohnLuther

If you’re experiencing ongoing issues, pop us a note with as much detail as you can and we can work with you to get this resolved:

Yeah, pretty sure this is all signal noise, and only really bad for actual live feeds. I was getting it with golden globes and football, on tablo and direct antenna, but commercials + tv shows were just fine.

@MarkPekala @TabloTV Audio and Video being out of sync is a known issue and is being experienced by many people. I have even reported this issue myself. What’s happens is many people hijack the threads talking about signal issues.

Pixelation and Signal dropouts = Antenna reception issue
Audio and Video being out of sync = a Tablo issue

The only solution given by Tablo so far is to use which has the same issue.

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@hellbound - Please do pop us a note to let us know your current setup so we can attempt to reproduce this. We thought we had it squashed but apparently not.

Or wait until rain storm over for channels to return. I lose 62 all channels due to distance and weather. It does return when the weather is better.

@hellbound - this is why I suggested signal issue:

When I’ve had the audio/video out of sync issue, the video playback is perfect - its just over time audio gets out of sync.

If anyone is experiencing A/V sync issues where the feed is smooth, pop me a PM. I have something you could potentially try.

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@TabloTV I have a 4-tuner Tablo. The Tablo and my PC’s have direct ethernet connections to my router. The audio/video sync issue only appears when using and through a we browser. My two TCL Roku TV’s do not have this issue.

The issue is described as follows. The video feed will fall behind the audio feed. For example: While watching a show the audio will not match up with the actors lips. Also audio for the commercials will start several seconds before the video of the commercial starts. This issue sometimes happens right away or sometimes it will take a few minutes before the issue starts. Pausing or rewinding helps re-sync the audio and video, but the issue will return in a few seconds or minutes.

I don’t believe the issue is web browser or PC operating system related since I have tried three different browsers across three different audio operating systems and all have the same issue.

Below is some additional information:

Tablo firmware = 2.2.8 HTML Application = 1.0.24-625 HTML Application = 1.0.24-625

Browsers I have tried:
Google Chrome = 47.0.2526.106 m (Windows 10)
Microsoft Edge = 20.10240.16384.0 (Windows 10)

Google Chrome = 47.0.2526.106 m (Windows 8.1)
MicrosoftInternet Explorer = 8.0.7601.17514 (Windows 8.1)

Google Chrome = 47.0.2526.106 m (Windows 7)
MicrosoftInternet Explorer = 8.0.7601.17514 (Windows 7)

Time Warner Cable (Up to 25Mbps down, 5Mbps up), speed test at the time of this post shows maximum speeds.

I have always had problems with live TV lip sync issues. I don’t watch much live TV so it’s not a huge problem. All you gotta do is click on the timeline at the current position and it syncs again for awhile. The recorded content from Tablo to my PLEX server has good lip sync, so it all has to do with real time events inside of tablo – At lest on mine.


I am having an issue where voices are off when live TV is paused, then resumes. Video looks normal, the voices are just off. Any suggestions?

@jpirie That’s odd - is this on all channels? On live TV and recordings as well? Same issue if you try it at instead of what you normally use? Feel free to send the details to our team.

I also have a problem with out of sync audio and video.
Tablo dual lite connected via WiFi.