Live TV and Recording Playback Problems

I have a 4 tuner Tablo and 4 TVs with Roku sticks. Have issues with playback of recordings stopping and loading often on 3 of the TV’s. Same problem occasionally with Live TV. The TV reception seems strong and Sling works without problems on all 4 TV’s. I really like the Tablo TV concept but it needs to work better. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.


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I believe having a similar problem. is it like a pause for a second or 5 then plays normal?
im running mine wireless to my LG smart tv

If it is a problem on 3 TV’s but not on the fourth, then my first guess is it is a network issue.

Is your Tablo ethernet or wifi?
Where is your router located in your home & where are the TV/Roku’s?

I am not familiar with Roku’s, but I know that Fire Sticks are very sluggish compared to Fire TV boxes & can add to the problems of a setup.

On the Roku sticks, can you install the speedtest application from Roku?

If you can, check that the network speeds on your TVs are in the acceptable range…

Internet speeds should not have anything to do with live TV & recording playback from Tablo. It is simply going to be how good your wifi network is & your OTA signal strength. The speed recommendations given in the article you linked is for feeds being streamed over the internet.

I’m guessing a network issue because he insinuated that he is having an issue on 3 of his TV’s thus not on the 4th. Leading me to think the 3 with issues may be on the edge of his routers range.

Thanks for all the good replies. I did add the Speed Test channel to my Roku and all have the same results of about 10 Mbps. The Tablo is wired to my router. I did contact Support and they looked at the Tablo log and did a remote access. There is suspicion that I may have a HD problem and will watch Live TV with the HD disconnected to see if the problem persists. I hope this is the problem as a HD is easy to replace. I will let all of you know when the issues are resolved.

Yes a bad HD will cause issues for Tablo. I did not think this was your problem since you insinuated that it was working fine on one TV & having problems on the other 3. A HD issue would be present on all 4 TV’s.

The telephone company (Windstream) replaced their modem/router at my house Friday and the Tablo has be performing flawlessly since then. Apparently the old wireless modem was having intermittent problems causing the issues.

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