Live Television Stops

While watching Live television, every now and then it stops playing on my television. I have to return to the channel menu and then go back to watching Live television.

Sometimes when I go back to Live television, sometimes I even get an Unknown Error from my Tablo. After I few attempts it starts working again.

On the Live TV screen are you clicking on the Channel number or the show.

If your clicking on the show it should end when the show ends. Is this what is happening?

If not describe your setup. Playback device. Is the payback device wired or wireless is the TabloTV wired or wireless. Any error messages?

I select the channel, not the show and this happens intermittently. I have also selected the show and the channel keeps playing even when the show ends - it never stops at the end of a show.

I have a Tablo Quad with an external 1TB disk drive.

The Tablo is running version 2.2.30

It is connected via WiFi to my Google Nest Wifi network.

My TV is a Samsung UN60JS7000 Version 1550 Firmware.

And note that when it freezes, I have to return to the channel guide and then go back into the show/channel I am watching - sometimes at this point I get an “Unknown Error” popup message on the screen. Sometimes I have to go to the the channel guide and select the show multiple times before the “Unknown Error” does not occur and then I can watch the show.

Do the disconnects or errors occur while watching a recorded show? What about other playback devices? Have you used a WIFI Analyzer app on your phone to check the wifi signal strength in the area of the TV and also the TabloTV? Any possibility of using a wired connection for a test? Log a case with TabloTV support and see if they can get more information than “Unknown Error”

I’ve seen a similar issue from time to time with the Amazon Firestick. Force stopping the app and then clearing the cache and restarting the app fixes it. Can you do that with the app on the Samsung?

I have no idea of how to clear the cache/restarting the app on my television. I know how to do the same on my phone or tablet, but I have not yet had my phone or tablet freeze up, though I rarely use them to watch television.

I have not yet had the system freeze up when watching a recorded show, but then I have only used that for 4-6 football games so far. I will monitor this to see if it happens on recorded shows.

I can run an rj-45 cable to it to determine if the problem might lie with the WiFi network. I have google nest router just around the corner from the TV and the Tablo. I will see if I can load a WiFi signal strength meter to my phone or tablet and then check the signal strength by the TV and Tablo (they are next to each other on a TV stand).

Thanks for the help.

Not sure if it’s legal to post a link so I’ll do it this way… If you do a google search for “clear cache on samsung TV app” you’ll find several links that not only tell you how to do it but state that it is a necessary thing to do periodically. Give that a try and let us know if it helps.