Live stream stops or loops after about 3 minutes

After selecting a channel, I can get anywhere between three and ten minutes before the last portion repeats and then stops completely. The channel itself doesn’t seem to matter. I’m using a wireless connection from attic to two floors down, so to test possible router issue I put my laptop beside the Tablo and was able to watch a live stream on a website with no issues. I unchecked “Enable Fast TV startup”, same result.

Still having this issue, it stops pretty consistently at 3 minutes now. Anyone?

I had this issue after I updated to the new firmware version of 2.2.12. I contacted the support team and they were able to revert me to firmware version 2.2.10. Issue was resolved immediately.

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@rando Definitely touch base with our support team and we can check it out. If you can, include the MAC address of your Tablo in the ticket, along with the device(s) (Roku, Browser, etc) this is happening on.

As fstbck6706 mentioned, having the firmware reverted solved the issue. Thanks Tablo Support (in particular, Matthew)!