Live performance affected by number of customers viewing?

Pregame for the Super Bowel first the Tablo disconnects, something it’s never done. Had to reboot it connect. Then going back to watching the pregame, the mysterious audio issue, the squeaking starts. The disconnect and audio issue were on both Roku and Android tv.

Since the signal goes from my antenna, to Tablo, and back to Tablo, I am wondering if increased viewership could effect my Tablo.

Signal comes from your antenna to tablo tuners, “the signal” stops there. It’s a one-way broadcast signal, it’s the same signal regardless how many people are tuned into it, it doesn’t get dissipated amongst each reception.


Perhaps interference from a UFO (sorry, it’s the times we live in)?

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I have skip commercials and it’s recording. I thought it went to their servers for that.

Commercial skip is processed after a completed recording. Recording data, presumably thumbnails are sent to tablo’s server for processing, then some timings are returned.

The broadcast signal doesnt leave any reciever. It’s processed and streamed to a device.

Commercial skip is only processed on completed recordings. Some data is sent to their servers.

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Thanks. I have one question though, can I watch recorded events if my Internet goes out. My ISP is going to help work in the area gonna be down a full day. I have the network version.

Tablo’s dont always play well with Android and other apps.