Live NFL games will not stream even though other live TV works fine

Live TV works fine on my Tablo except for NFL games won’t stream. Which is the reason I bought it. Anyone else have this problem?

Hello, Tara.

Could you explain what you mean by not streaming?

If you’re using a Roku device and it’s crashing or returning to the live screen, I recommend pausing your live TV for about 10 seconds and then letting it play from there. Or, wait about 30 sec or more and press the “jump back” button.

If this is a separate issue than described above, could you explain what’s happening? Also, what type of device you are using to watch your Tablo on. I’m assuming this is the white 4th gen Tablo?

The pregame streamed. The game is about to start. Streaming NFL on FOX (O&O of that makes a difference,) Watching on Chromecast with Google TV. People need to dump Roku.

I assume 4,th gen and tessted

I am on a Roku TV. I will try those tips. Thank u!

Sounds good. Let us know… But just an FYI, the Roku app is not fully working RN, so keep that on mind. Hopefully they fix this soon.

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I’m recording the live stream of Green Bay packers and cowboys and watching the recording so for all intense purposes you could say I’m watching live. If your a cowboys fan you might be wishing the game wasn’t showing live.

What happens when you go to the guide and click on the game?

Hey! Not a cowboys fan lol. So yesterday the browns/texans game wouldn’t load at all. I got a message when I tried to watch, but other live channels were fine. Today the replay of the old chiefs/bengals game was very choppy. Like the audio and video both cutting out every other second. I was able to mostly watch the cowboys/packers with only minor issues. Since other live tv has worked I was confused why football was a problem :woman_shrugging:t3: hopefully it keeps working!

Well, that’s a start!

Now that you’ve got some of it up and running, this sounds like it might be a signal problem. Is it only certain channels cutting in and out? Or has everything been fine all day except during the game?

One thing you can try is going to the settings, general, and look at “Antenna Amplification”. If it’s on, try turning it off and see if you have the problem continues.

No issues except when trying to watch the games. That’s why I was confused :expressionless: thank u

Some members here have had that issue with football games on the 4th gen. I use my 4th gen almost exclusively for live football and haven’t had the problem, but there must be certain conditions that cause the problem.

Can you list what device you are having problems on as well as the model number. And is it wifi or Ethernet?

I’m watching the Steelers and Buffalo game through live recording over wifi on 4th gen 4 tuner and 16Gb fireTV and I tried from iOS and working fine there also.