Live Guide to show what channels tuners are being used for

Using Roku 3 and Chrome on Windows 10, I noticed that while in the Live Guide, the channel numbers sometimes are sometimes highlighted as blinking red. I assumed that these are the channels that the tuners are tuned to. This is really helpful when bouncing back and forth between channels. You have a nice visual of what channels will load quickly.

The problem is that they don’t seem to be consistent and show the latest 4 channels that the tuners are tuned to. (I have a 4 tuner.) When going back to the Live Guide, sometimes only 1 channel is blinking red, even though I have just recently been to more channels.

Sometimes it will remember the last 3, but then when I go to the 4th channel and then go back to the guide, it won’t show any by blinking red. This occurs in the middle of the hour, when no new programs have started.

Is this behavior a bug? It sure would be nice to have to have a visual of what channels the tuner is tuned to.