Live guide question

If I am in the Live guide and see a show that seems interesting, but it started 20 minutes ago, and i click to watch, does it let me watch from the beginning?
Same if I wanted to record that show/episode, will it record from the beginning?
both youtube tv and hulu do not. My TIVO that I just retired would do that.
This is like VHS technology that you start recording or watching before it started

No. It would need a tuner for every channel with each one continually recording to a 20 minute or more buffer. Or a time warper so it would know which channel you were going to watch 20 minutes in the future.


On a youtube video I watched about the tablo gen 4, it appeared when he clicked to watch a live show it showed a blue bar on the bottom of the screen that might allow me to slide back toward the beginning. I was just hoping though

That blue bar will allow you to go back and forth from when you started watching the channel to the current time. It just won’t let you go back in time unless you had it set to record and then you started watching later.

thanks to all who responded